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About Us


We foster success through the development of pathway programs that advance our learners in knowledge, critical thinking, effective communication, and character to succeed in a technologically advanced workforce.


To provide excellent educational opportunities to support our learners and empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active individuals in shaping the future of our community.


The Education Institute of Tampa Family incorporates the following core values in all that we do:

Life-Long Learning

Meeting individuals’ needs by creating a continuous learning experience in which students can advance and meet all learning goals.

Discovery and Innovation

To provide innovative instruction designed to challenge, support, and help a learner explore all the possibilities.


We believe in constantly learning and embracing educational change to help advance our people to be the best in their work.


To actively engage students through learning that allows each to take ownership of their experience and to work effectively as a team.

Ethics and Dignity

Committed to the highest standards and value human development and worth that strengthens and enhances the well-being of individuals.





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